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hello and thank you to everyone who has followed this blog,but due our main blogs we can no longer share stuff here,v has been busy and she’s stopped posting,as for myself the owner,i barely have time to be on my own blog.

so we’re deleting this blog,or maybe not,because we can’t post as often,so just in case you still want your daily (or weekly) saoirse,i (the owner) will post saoirse on my blog,and reblog to oosaoirseronan,i really hope i can still post here,but chances are minimal,as for v,i’ve not spoken to her in a lil while,i’ll talk to her and see what’s going to happen here,and also,if you want to join us (or me lol),send a message :).

tagged as: #Saoirse Ronan#sl
tagged as: #sl#Saoirse Ronan
tagged as: #sl#Saoirse Ronan